About Me

Me & HarryName: Anthony Watts
Age: 44
Occupation: Designer
Family: Me, Laura, and Harry, and Hex the cat.
From: Toronto, Canada

I have been a fan of miniature games since I first painted a Half-Elf Ranger model for Dungeons & Dragons with Testors enamels at the tender age of 13.

Since then I have been involved in gaming in some form or another, including a stint as Canadian White Dwarf editor, writer for Blood Bowl Magazine, co-founder of the NAF, Blood Bowl tournament organizer, and general nerd. These days I spend time painting display figures, organizing and participating in figure shows, all while still rolling dice. My favourite game of all time is Blood Bowl, but lately I have been really trying to get back into Warhammer 40,000. with the new edition imminent, it is the perfect time to dive back in!

When I am not gaming I like to spend time running games of D&D and painting miniatures with my son and his friends, as well as dabbling in other hobbies like electronics, and pimping out my excellent Vespa GTS 250ie (red wuns go fasta!).

I am a new member of an excellent 40k club here in Toronto called Hogtown 40k. I am still getting my feet wet, but it is a great group of people who aim to to have fun in this hobby of ours, so I highly recommend checking them out if you are in the area!

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