Now that 40k 8th Edition is fast approaching, it is time to get painting. The stuff I am building for Shadow War Armageddon is a bit of a test for the painting scheme for the rest of my Orks, so since I have this thing where I always build the leader first, I started out with a Boss Nob to lead my boyz.

I have been painting too many display models I think… I am spending far too long on this! My goal this week is to figure out a better strategy for unit paint so I don’t get bogged down trying to do one model per week… Generally I like the colours, but the process needs to be simplified. After spending a couple of hours trying out colours etc., I think I pretty much figured it out.

Boss Nob - WIP

The yet unnamed Boss Nob.

This nob is sporting Ultramarine Terminator warpaint and armour bitz. Must be some kind of tough guy. Hopefully I can get him done tonight and move on to a whole unit.