Many moons ago, I had an idea for a new 40k army. Like most of my ideas, it bounced around in my skull until it was forgotten and replaced by some other shiny thing. But recently the idea has been resurfacing again and again due to my renewed interest in Warhammer 40,000 and the hype surrounding 8th edition, Shadow War: Armageddon, and a cool 40k club I have flirting with here in Toronto called Hogtown 40k.

I always wanted an Ork army, but to be honest I have always chickened out because it seemed like a daunting project. But dammit, I am gonna do it, and this blog is going to be where I document its creation. I was inspired to do this by an old website (sadly not online anymore) that documented the building and background of a Flesh Eaters Space Marnie chapter. The author posted pictures of his models along with background info about them, as well as the chapter in general. Very cool and nerdy.

In a nutshell, this is the idea:

Da Ultraboyz are a warband of the Deathskulls ork klan. Like other Deathskulls, they really like the colour blue… so much so that they have an unhealthy obsession with a certain chapter of blue-coloured Space Marines – The Ultramarines! Da Ultraboyz love to fight Ultramarines. The consider them to be worthy adversaries and will go out of their way to get into a scrap with them if they can. The boyz decorate themselves with looted bits of Ultramarine gear, paint themselves blue, and even mimic their markings. The most important Ultraboyz have the most bits of looted armour and weapons, of course.

Maybe it’s a silly idea, but I have had it kicking around so long that I think I just have to do it. This blog will hopefully be the place to showcase da boyz and give me a outlet to do some cool modelling and writing as I build a new army for the new version of 40k.

More to come soon!